News and Updates

News and Updates for October 19 to 23, 2020

Welcome to another week! We know it’s going to be a great one.

COVID-19 Protocols

  • Physical Distancing Families should be practicing physical distancing, outside of the school, while picking up their children at dismissal time. Please wear a mask if you cannot maintain an appropriate distance from other families. Please help us keep everyone safe.

  • Masks on Bus All students riding the bus must wear a mask. It appears at the end of the day some students have lost or misplaced their masks. Please remind your child the importance of taking care of their mask; we will do the same here at school.

  • Daily Screening Please do the daily screening questionnaire each morning before coming to school. Daily Screening.

  • Delivery of Lunches and Water Bottles We cannot allow parents to deliver these items during the day as part of COVID-19 protocols. Make it a part of your morning routine, along with your School Screening Questionnaire to ensure your child has everything they need for the day.

Kiss and Go Lane

Family members should not exit their vehicle in the Kiss and Go Lane. Students should be ready to exit the car when it comes to a full stop. If your child requires more time or your assistance, please park your car in the lot and provide the assistance needed.

There are a number of reasons we ask for your cooperation in this matter:

  • Safety of students and families.

  • We do not want idling, unattended cars in this lane.

  • We do not want to stop the flow of traffic and have traffic congestion. This can be a problem with cars trying to get off of Waterford Bridge Road.

  • As the weather becomes more inclement, stopping for extended periods of time in this lane can cause safety and congestion issues.

If everyone adheres to these rules it will make our lot safer and move traffic along in a quicker and orderly fashion.

STORYWALK - Victoria Park

Our grades three to six classes will be doing the STORYWALK - Victoria Park field trip on Wednesday, Oct. 21. Please complete and return the permission slip to your child’s teacher by Tuesday, Oct. 20.

The students will walk from the school to Victoria Park. While at the park they will use a mobile app that introduces visitors to local stories in various ‘hot spots’ that focus on important elements of the park’s history and heritage.

Colourful narratives are told, on the app, by local people who have a special place in their hearts for Victoria Park. Storytellers include Mark Critch, Alan Hawco, Steve Fitzgerald (son of the late Alexander “Duey” Fitzgerald), Morgan MacDonald (sculptor of the 100 Portraits of The Great War), and many more! Students will learn about the rich history of the cascades, playground & former swimming pool, the softball field, the Riverhead veterans of WW1 and other fascinating stories.

Jamarama 2020

Students can wear pajamas on Friday, October 23 to support children at the Janeway. We cannot accept cash donations at school because of protocols related to COVID-19. Do not send money to school with your child.

You can donate online at

Flu Vaccinations

This year, NLESD and Eastern Health are working together to streamline the flu shot vaccinations this year. Eastern Health will be conducting flu vaccinations at NLESD schools for

Grades 4-12 students and staff during late November and mid December 2020. More information will be sent home from Eastern Health in the coming days.

Immunizations for Grade Four and Six Students

Immunizations for our grade four and six students will be occurring on November 16. Please forward the consent forms to public health as per the emails sent early regarding this matter.

Waste Reduction Week in Canada

MMSB is a proud provincial partner of Waste Reduction Week in Canada, October 19 to 25. WRW in Canada is a national campaign that builds awareness around issues of sustainable and responsible consumption; encourages choice for more environmentally responsible products and services; and promotes actions that diverts more waste from landfill and conserves natural resources. Classes will be participating in various activities related to this important awareness campaign during the week. Below are the themes for each day. There are things we can do at school, at home and in the community to help reduce waste.

Recycling of Beverage Containers

Still thinking about Waste Reduction Week in Canada, here’s a way we can help! Due to current restrictions, we are unable to hold Recycling Blitzs and receive recyclables at the school. However, families can still bring recyclable items to any of the four recycling depots in the metro area and credit the amount of the donations to St. Mary’s Elementary account.

Our account number is the same as our phone number: 753 9892

School Picture Day

School pictures will be taken on Thursday, November 5. There will be special protocols in place to ensure the safety of everyone as it pertains to COVID-19. Please note, there will be no additional day to do retakes this school year, it is a one-time event this year.

The following guidelines are part of the Picture Day protocol:

  • Physical distancing of at least two metres must be maintained between the photographer and student at all times.

  • No props are to be used, although backdrops are acceptable.

  • No paperwork will be passed between the student and photographer.

  • Photographers must have a hygiene plan with respect to seating.

  • Photographers must wear a mask at all times.

  • No in-school retakes will be permitted; this is a one-time event at the school.

  • Parents must be given the opportunity to opt out. Logistically it can be a presumed-approved/active opt out process (versus having to get approval per person).

  • All other school Covid-19 procedures are to be followed.

Virtual Reading Room

Please join Ms. Stuckless, our reading specialist and teacher librarian, in her virtual reading room where you can find some resources on reading. There will be something in there for the whole family, from suggestions to enhancing your child’s reading experience to virtual libraries for your enjoyment. You can check it out by adding the classroom to your child’s account or you can add yourself if you have a gmail account. Ms. Stuckless looks forward to supporting families and students this school year. Please reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or would like to chat with Ms. Stuckless. Ms. Stuckless shared the link with families.

PL Day for Teachers

Monday, November 23 will be a PL Day for teachers. No classes for students.

Take some time to get outside and enjoy this wonderful autumn weather. Have a great week!